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Athinhal a coastal Village in Kasaragod District, situated one kilometer north of Kanhangad town. The name Athinhal was derived from the Arabic word of “HADIYA” (Gift). History of Athinhal dates back to Decades, when Assayid Omer Samarkand  Waliyullah (P.B.U.H) came to Athinhal from Samarkand (Uzbek: Samarqand, Persian: سمرقند) of Uzbekistan for propagat Islam. The name,  Kasaragod, is said to be derived from the word Kusirakood meaning Nuxvomica forests (Kanjirakuttom). Kasaragod district was formed on May 24. 1984, with the intention of bestowing maximumile Kasaragod and Hosdurg taluks, it has become possible to develop this coastal area fruitfully.


Economy and AgricultureAthinhal Juma Masjid

The economy is dependent on the inflow of Gulf Money. Ever since the oil boom of the 1970's, this place has witnessed a large-scale migration of young people to the oil producing Gulf countries in pursuit of lucrative job. This has  considerably changed the economic situation and life style of the people here. Now most of the families depend on the gulf money that is sent in by the near and dear ones working abroad. It can be seen that at least one person from each house in the region is working in the Gulf. There was a time when the economy dependent mainly on agriculture;  Now it has became a thing of the past here. The greenery, which persisted once, has vanished, due to the spurting of concrete structures in the place of paddy fields. Now only the coconut faming survives and less than 5% people depend on agriculture. 


EducationGov. Mappila L.P. School

Unfortunately Athinhal is lagging behind in terms of Education and Literacy. It is found that due to the migration of people to Gulf in search of livelihood, the young men tend to marry at an early age.  This has led to many consequences, Firstly the  females in the region loose their opportunity to get a proper education, Secondly it resulted in creating a void of educated parents.  Presently, there is a marked change in the migration to Gulf; people are becoming more and more self-reliant to stay back in their home country. A positive change of attitude towards education and literacy has also taken place in the minds of people. The effect of these changes are very much reflected from the recent outlook of the society. But still there is a lot distance to be in covered in this regard.



The diversity of the physical features results in a corresponding diversity of climate. In the planes, the climate is generally warm. Though the mean maximum temperature is only around 90° F, the heat is oppressive in the moisture-laden atmosphere of the plains. Humidity is very high and rises to above 90% during the southwest monsoon. The annual variation of the temperature is very small; the diurnal range is only about 10° F.

The southwest monsoon starts towards the end of May or the beginning of June, heralded by thunderstorms and holds till September when the rain fades out. October brings in the northeast monsoon. Dry weather sets in by the end of December. January and February are the coolest months of the year. March, April and May are very hot.


Ansarul Islam Madrassa


The people in Athinhal have, a distinctiveness in personal appearance, marked by fairness of complexion, regularity of features, clean habits and simple life. Though at present the percent of literacy is lower when compared to the southern part of Kerala, there has been an increased awareness and interest in education these days.  



The arrival of Islam in India could be trace back to Kodungalloor, an ancient sea port located at the central Kerala, at the time of Prophet Mohammed (A.B.P.W.H) itself. It is believed that Malik Bin Deenar (P.B.U.H), a contemporary disciple of prophet was the person who introduced Islam in India. It is important to understand the period of the arrival of Islam to Kerala.  Islam had spread here even in the days of Prophet Mohammed (A.B.P.W.H). It has been established that Assayid Omer Samarganthi Waliyullah (P.B.U.H) came to Athinhal from Samarganth of Russia for propagat Islam. Assayid Omer Samarganth Waliyullah (P.B.U.H) had arrived in Athinhal on the beginning of 13th century. 


Madiyan Kulam Temple

Nearest Temple
Madiyan Kulam Temple is situated in Ajanur village, two kilometers from Athinhal. The main deity of the temple is Bhadrakali; but there are also other deities like Kshetrapalan, Bhagavathi and Bhairavan. A peculiarity of this temple is that a Brahmin priest performs pooja only in the noon, while the morning and evening poojas are performed by a sect called Maniyanis. The festival in the temple fall during the months of Edavam ( May, June) and Dhanu (December, January) and on these days all the poojas are performed by the Brahmin priest. Teyyam is performed in connection with this festival.


"The Hindus and Muslims live side-by-side, each influencing and getting influenced by the secular way of life"



Eidul Azha & Eid-ul-Fitr are the major Muslim festivals. Muslims enjoy a hearty feast on Eidul Azha day. Idul Azha is performed after the famous Hajj. Id-ul-Fitr is celebrated after the conclusion of Ramzan fast when Muslims give up, all kinds of food and drinks during day and spend major part of the night in prayers. Miladi Sherif (Nabi Dinam) commemorates the birth of Prophet Mohammed (A.B.P.W.H).

Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala and it is the most colourful festival. Onam celebrates the home coming of King Mahabali, the mythical ruler of Kerala who was pushed down to the infernal region (Pathal) by Vishnu in the form of Vamana. Onam is celebrated in the month August-September which coincides with the harvest season. Onam is a festival which is celebrated for ten days. Houses are cleaned and floral decorations put up to welcome the beloved ruler.

Vishu is the main Hindu festival. Vishu celebrates in April 14, the new year of the Malayalam calendar. It is characterized in homes, by the 'first sighting' of auspicious articles ceremoniously placed before a lamp. Elders in the family also gift token amounts of money to the younger members. 

Athinhal Dharga Shareef Uroos Celebrated yearly on in memory of the well known Islamic propagator Assayid Omer Samarganth Waliyullah (P.B.U.H).
Koya Masjid Uroos Celebrated yearly on in memory of Assayid Jalaluddeen Bukhari Thangal (P.B.U.H).  


"During every festival, people from all communities visit each other and wish among themselves"

Panchayath : Ajanur.
Taluk : Hosdurg.
District : Kasaragod.
Places of Worship : Athinhal Dharga Sharif and Koya Masjid Dharga Sharif.
Schools : Government Mappila Lower primary School.
: Government Fisheries Upper Primary School.
: Iqbal Higher Secondary School.
Nearest Hospital : Mansoor Hospital.
Nearest Railway Station : Kanhangad (1.5 Km).
Nearest Bus Stand  : Kanhangad (1.5 Km).
Nearest Police Station : Hosdurg (2 Km).
Railway : Calicut-Mangalore-Mumbai route.
Road : NH-17 Calicut-Mangalore route.
Mode of Transportation : One can reach Athinhal from Kanhangad town by paying the minimum charge.
: The most convenient mode of transportation will be by Bus and Auto Rickshaws.
Nearest Airports : Mangalore (100 Km approximately) International.
: Calicut (225 Km approximately) International.
: Kochi (400 Km approximately) International.

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